Monday, October 22, 2007

Giorgio Armani goes high tech

Late September this year, fashion designer Giorgio Armani opened a shop in virtual world Second Life, the flag-ship location is modeled based on the Milan store. His own avatar was even sent to Second Life to celebrate the opening event. The residents of Second Life are able to buy items in Liden Dollars - the local currency - or be brought back to the real world by connecting directly to Armani's own recently-launched online store. What we didn't know then was that Giorgio had more up his sleeves.
Introducing the new sleek touch-screen Giorgio Armani phone by Samsung: thinner than Prada's LG with an extra Megapixel and a haptic interface (translation: the screen vibrates when you touch certain icons). Add to that a leather carrying case built by Armani himself and the thinner Giorgio Armani phone is the new supermodel that just snatched the Vogue cover from Prada. Old Giorgio is, indeed, the new kid on the high tech fashion block.

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